“Once he started on his treatment his personality really started to shine through,” Kruczynski said. “He’s extremely energetic! He absolutely loves to play with the laser pointer and would run around chasing it for hours if we let him! At night time he knows where I sleep and will scratch on my pillow until I let him under the covers. He has always remained extremely attached to me.”

To this day, people are still bewildered by Meeseeks’ unusual appearance, and love looking at pictures of his unique, adorable face. He’s unlike any other cat his family has ever met, and despite his many issues, they couldn’t be more grateful that he found his way into their lives.

“Even after everything we’ve been through I would never regret adopting him, even for a second,” Kruczynski said. “There’s no way to know how long he has here with us but [if] he’s fought through this much already, there’s no reasons to doubt that he’ll keep on fighting.”

*Source: thedodo.com

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