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He misses you when you’re gone

That “who cares?” attitude is nothing but an act. We’ve all been trained to think of cats as independent creatures, and for the most part, they are. They won’t go crazy when you’re gone for work, but if you leave for more than a day or two, chances are they’ll care. Some cats even display symptoms of separation anxiety, like clingy behavior and over-grooming, when you leave for extended periods of time.

He is so bored

Cats need mental and physical stimulation (and lots of your attention), or they get bored. And unlike us, they don’t have smartphones to keep themselves occupied, so they turn to over-grooming, overeating or shredding your furniture. Invest in some toys and climbing areas for your cat, and every once in a while, get down on the floor and play.

He’s talking to you

Kittens do meow at their mothers, but once they become adults, they don’t use that sound to talk to each other. That means if your cat is meowing, he probably wants something from you, so pay attention. Oh, and don’t bother meowing back (you know you do it!) — he doesn’t understand you.

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