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Discover The Secrets Of Your Cat’s Body Language

Happy or content – If your kitten is either sitting or lying down somewhere purring, well, it’s a pretty good indicator they are happy. Other clues include eyes that are half-closed, ears that are forward and a tail that is erect with its fur flat. If your cat is really happy, they might be “making biscuits” — in other words, kneading a soft surface, such as your leg. This is a throwback to their nursing days when they did the same to get mama cat’s milk to flow.

Inquisitive or playful – When your cat’s ears start swiveling around like satellite dishes, they’re trying to pick up every little sound around them. They’re pupils are probably at least somewhat dilated too. We’ve all seen that sort of wild-eyed glint cats have when being frisky, right? Your cat’s tail will likely be up, whiskers forward and best of all, they’ll get into pouncing position. Crouched down with their butt in the air, they’ll give a little wiggle before leaping into action.


Annoyed – Remember the aforementioned moments when you’re mid-playing with your cat or petting them and they seemingly swat out of nowhere? Chances are, your cat has officially become overstimulated and wants a little space. Of course, this can happen very quickly, so it does seem to come out of left field to us humans at times. Don’t feel bad, though — if your cat gives you a slight growl or swats your hand, they’re simply trying to give you warning shots. Other indicators you can be on the lookout for are dilated pupils, back-turned ears and a twitching tail.

Friendly – When your cat comes strolling along with a little crook at the end of its slightly waving tail, it’s in a friendly mood. It is giving you the greenlight to give it attention and affection. Ears will be forward, pupils will be dilated and if we’re really being honest, it almost looks as though they are smiling a little. This is prime BFF (best feline friend) behavior.

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