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Avoid poisonous plants – Thinking about getting all back to the land and growing your own indoor kitchen herb garden? Or sprucing up your living room with some mighty healthy plants? Well, before you exercise your green thumb it is imperative to make sure that you are not introducing poisonous plants, flowers and herbs into your house.

Avoid extreme cleaning products – Lots of cleaning products can be toxic to cats — so make sure heavy duty cleaning substances for your drains and ovens are locked well out of paw’s reach. Also, never use bleach or industrial-strength cleaners during litter box duty — not only can they irritate your cat, but the potent smells can put them off entering the box.

Keep medicines and pills locked away – This one might seem a no-brainer, but it’s also important to avoid the laziness of leaving vitamins and other supplements out and about where they could be knocked over and scarfed down under the guise of feline treats.

Tie up blind cords – It might seem cute when your newest kitty bats around the blind cord in a playful fashion — but you really need to tie them up and keep them out of the way. Why? In case a play session goes wonky and the cord ends up wrapping around your cat’s neck.

Don’t lock your cat inside appliances! This happens way too often for it to be funny: A cat wanders into an open washing machine, tumble dryer or refrigerator only to have their human shut the door on them without realizing and start up the machine. Don’t be that person!

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