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Making Your Cat Get Along With Other Animals

If you have other pets in the family, it’s just as important to get the cat comfortable with them as with the human members of the family. The socialisation period is the best time to do that. But socialising with other animals can be a bit tricky; it’s probably best to get your vet’s advice for your particular situation.

One technique that can be used with a dog is called ‘scent transfer.’ Pick a time when both dog and kitten are relaxed, and then – with the dog on a leash – gently rub the kitten on the body of the dog. Keep the dog happy with treats while you’re doing that.


And NEVER allow the dog to chase the cat. If it begins to chase, put a stop to it immediately.

If you already have a cat in the household, try this socialisation technique: Feed the new cat and old cat on opposite sides of a closed door. Make sure that the older cat is hungry so that it wants to eat. If the cats are uncomfortable (hissing or growling) slowly move the bowls farther apart until the signs of aggression stop. Then you can gradually move the bowls closer together each time you feed them. With time – and a bit of luck – they’ll become comfortable in the presence of each other. When they do finally meet without a barrier between them, have a treat on hand to feed each of them during that first face to face encounter.

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