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Why Your Dog Has Bursts of Energy All of the Sudden

We all know that dogs have a lot of energy, but sometimes they are very lazy because they sit on the couch all day until you get home. Your dog wants all your attention and can’t wait for you to play with them. Other times, they have so much energy all at once and this behavior probably scares you.

What do they actually want when they do this? You probably wonder if it is normal… These next tips will help you understand everything about your dog’s actions.

Maybe, sometimes, your dog sprints around so fast that it hits the walls or doorframes, and it is enough to worry you that it hurts itself. Apparently, it looks like it is having the time of its life.

According to pet experts, this behavior is normal and it is called “frenetic random activity periods”. “These bursts of activity, where the dog runs around, racing from one end of a room to the other, sometimes spinning in circles and with a bit of a wild glint in their eye, usually end in a contented and exhausted flop onto the ground and are fueled by the loads of energy that most puppies and many adult dogs have,” says Andrea Arden.

If your pup seems to be zooming all over the place at regular intervals, you probably need to find a dog park so your pooch can burn that energy off. Other pet experts say that you shouldn’t laugh at your dog when it does it and try not to chase your pet during FRAPs. If you do this, your dog has the impression that you praise it, and will do anything for this.

Don’t be scared about this action of your dog, it is a normal behavior and you should kick back and enjoy the show, because it is so cute!

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