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‘Try bland foods like poached chicken and steamed white rice,’ says Ann Hohenhaus, DVM, of New York City’s Animal Medical Center. ‘Veterinarians also recommend feeding cooked protein sources rather than raw protein sources,’ she adds. ‘Protein like meat and eggs can carry diseases in microbes unless properly cooked.’

Chicken broth – It’s not just the meat of the chicken that is good for your dog to eat. ‘Bone broth, either homemade or storebought, can help a dog with an upset stomach,’ advises Dr. Ryan.

However, be extremely cautious about the actual bones. ‘If you are feeding your dog any type of meat, remove all bones before giving it to them. Ingesting the bones could cause a variety of problems for dogs like broken teeth, an injured mouth [or] an intestinal blockage that requires surgery.’

Fish – Dogs can eat fish, so long as it isn’t raw. And certain types of fish are healthier for your dog than others. Salmon, ocean whitefish, and herring, for example, are fish that live short lives, so they have lower levels of mercury compared to fish near the top of the food chain like, say, swordfish. Fish is also a great source of protein for your dog if he or she has allergic reactions to other types of meat.

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