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Cats have a broader range of vision

Cats literally have a broader worldview than their humans. We see 180 degrees, they see 200. I can only assume that those extra 20 degrees let them see a world where cats are the supreme beings and we are merely their lowly caretakers.

Cats can see color, just not much

We earn some points when it comes to color, however. Thanks to the higher number of cones in our retinas, we see more colors than cats. That is not to say that cats cannot see in color, only that the colors we see are more saturated, whereas the colors they see are comparable to a person who is colorblind. In other words, while you are concentrating on matching your wardrobe or distracted by a beautiful blue sky, your cat is plotting world domination.

Your cat may need glasses to drive

You might think that mighty hunters like cats would have better visual acuity than humans, but you would be wrong. On average, we have 20/20 vision, while cats have between 20/100 to 20/200. This makes sense when you think about their lifestyle, however. They are far more focused on what is right in front of them — namely their owners, who may or may not be opening a can of fresh wet food, and unsuspecting prey.

Awesome night vision

My theory is that it all boils down to what happens after dark. While you are dependent on lights, cats roam the darkness doing who knows what thanks to the high number of rods in their retinas.

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