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Top 13 Affectionate Dog Breeds That Will Love You To The Moon And Back

The Shelter Mutt


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227 thoughts on “Top 13 Affectionate Dog Breeds That Will Love You To The Moon And Back”

      1. Goldenoodle isnt a real breed. These designer breeds are just mutts of known origin that unscrupulous breeders use to steal money from uninformed buyers,

          1. I’ve had 12 dogs of mixes. I never once had an event of any kind. I truly believe it’s how they are raised. I love being a dog Mom. My three children have rescues too. No events. It’s not in our DNA.


          1. Some friends that camp with us have a Golden doodle. She is sweet, smart and we’ll trained. Wouldn’t hurt another dog or a person.

          2. It’s great that this worked out for you and the dog you own, but the poster who made negative comments has some valid points. I was considering getting one until I read somewhere that the originator of this mix reportedly said that he was sorry he “created” them precisely because of grave problems with some of the dogs.
            In my case, I saved a lot of money (they are asking too much for them but that’s only because of their popularity), and possibly a lot of grief by going through a wonderful rescue group and adopted a shepherd/lab and heaven knows what else dog who is 8 years old and had been previously used as a comfort dog. She is an absolute doll of a dog and we are very happy together. She nicely fills a hole in my heart, left when my Great Pyrenees mountain dog died of bone cancer after having him only 7 years (he had also been a rescue and was a wonderful dog– very affectionate, very loyal).

          1. I have a shelter MUTT and she’s very loveable. Rescue MUTTS seem to know they’ve been rescued. She’s very playful and loves every one! I’ve had her since she was 15 weeks old and she’s 3 now and I wouldn’t trade her for anything.

        1. Ricardo, Grow a brain. Pit bulls were called the “Nanny dog” because they are so good with children. The bad rap comes from asshole humans who train them to fight. You are more likeky to be bitten by a chihuahau then a pit bull.

          1. Michelle Buchanan

            R Teresa Best….you are absolutely correct!! I have 4 dogs. One of those is a Chihuahua & one is an American Pitbull Terrier. My husband & I have both been bitten by our Chihuahua, who we’ve had for eleven years. Our APBT is the sweetest, most loving dog Ever!
            She absolutely loves Everyone & Everything! She gives our 12 year old cat, kisses several times a day. We’ve got pictures of her & our cat sleeping together, with her arm over the cat.? I truly believe that it is how they’re raised. ANY dog can be tortured into being vicious. That goes for humans as well! So, Thank You for letting Ricardo know the Truth!!?

          2. That is true. In England the pit bull is bred to care for children. My friend had one that was pure bred to very high standards. I was shocked when I heard people bred these to fight.

          3. Jeremy J Zimmerman

            Thank You ! I have 2 rescue pits Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo and they want nothing but to be everyone’s friend and 110 % loyal and loving . Scrappy has rode in the car for 12 hours straight with his head resting on the center council suspending all his weight on his head to just be able to touch out arm with his nose .

          4. Pitbulls are the #1 dog of breed-specific legislation (banning or restricting certain dogs) in 40 states because of aggression or dangerous. Pitbulls are inherently “animal aggressive,” and “human aggressive” so please understand when others fear them. The law considers them dangerous.

          5. My sister’s Pit Bull bit me twice for absolutely no earthly reason, and I’m not the only one she’s attacked. She got two from a litter initially. There was no cruelty, malice or “training” associated with this particular dog’s upbringing. It’s in their nature I believe, and of course there is the obvious exceptions to the rule. I owned a wonderful Cairn Terrier, of which I truly adored for the 14 years of his beautiful life, and he was indeed my best friend.

          6. I have a pitbull who is the most loveable dog with people especially our grandchildren, cat, and chickens. We are totally Blessed with such a loving dog!

          7. As a RN that worked in the ER, I saw 2 small 3-4 year olds with their throats ripped out by the family pit bull that was raised with the child and wouldn’t hurt a flea. One the child was eating a cookie and the pit attacked him and the other the child and dog were playing and the dog just grabbed him by the throat and went to slinging. The dogs have killer in their DNA, and that can’t be removed. And yes you are more likely to be bitten by a chihuahua, but you will never have your throat torn out by one.

          8. I have had two pit bulls; I lost my first after 17 years; Such a loyal friendly dog. He and my pig would sleep together. Could not have been a more family dog. I now have a rescue pit bull. You could not find a more loveable dog. They have gotten a bad rap; you can make any dog mean. There are not many dogs of all breeds I have not had. All loyal and affectionate. All have been a member of our family If we human could be half of what an animal is our world would be so much better

          9. Teresa not the Best , when you talking about asshole humans you are definitely looking in the mirror .

          10. So true pit bulls are happy loving dogs. The ones I saw in the rescue would come up and lay their heads on your shoulder. Just seemed like they knew you were there for them. Love the breed

          11. Agreed! I would love to rescue one but can’t find an apartment complex that allows them. I’ve known a couple, they are wonderful and so loyal. Our loss…

          12. You know that’s right. My pitbull is the sweetest dog I ever had. He looks so sad when someone passes by him and doesn’t pet him. He loves, loves, loves people. Humans are assholes for abusing them.

          13. There is a vast difference between being bitten by a pit bull and being bitten by a chihuahau. Surely you’re joking. If you are serious, whom do you know who died after a bite from a chihuahau or had an arm or other extremity ripped off? In England, it is illegal to breed pit bulls. It has been illegal there for several years now. It seems that the United Kingdom is smarter than the United States!

        2. Thank you, Scott. Those who insist on breeding these “designer breeds” are trying to make sure that there will eventually be no pure breeds. What a shame that so many are supporting this activity when many beautiful “designer breeds” are euthanized every day in shelters where they have long awaited a loving home.

          1. Designer Breeds are euthanized? Where? I had to get one of these designer breeds because I have allergies and I didn’t want a pure breed poodle because they are crazy. I was on every shelter list for 5 years looking for any poodle mix. There are none in shelters. The are popular and never end up in shelters. I finally had to pay a lot of money to get one. She is an awesome, smart and crazy Golden Doodle. Because she is mixed she will have a longer lifespan. I think you are being over dramatic. There will always be pure breed dogs. I’m tired of dog snobs either looking down on your breed or looking down on you for not getting a shelter dog.

        3. “Mutts of known origin”? Sounds like an oxymoron to me.
          Many Breeds started as designs for particular traits.
          Kavapoo and Golden doodles breeders aren’t unscrupulous for breeding extremely popular mutts.

        4. margaret Baker

          Scott, yes your right a lady I talked to said she paid over $800. for a weiner and some thing and the breed is with the AKC what a joke I said what you have here is a mutt this mutt is not with AKC I told her to google this cross breed
          yes people are being ripped off how ever they don’t seem to care. People don’t have to pay high prices one can find a free mutt any where and give it a for ever home. J

        5. LOVE my mutt, yes I know they are mutts BUT they usually have the same traits and are extremity intelligent and affectionate. Some now ask $3000 for a goldendoodle, those are the unscrupulos breeders who dump off the unsold pups to the shelters. It’s worth the expense to me as I have had two golden doodles and have been extremely happy.

        6. So what. Two wonderful breeds that are so sweet. You don’t tend to get the bad genes from either but get the sweet personality and bird dog energy. They love to swim and are cuddly sweethearts. Why are you so negative? Whose stealing money?

    1. They are great as long as they are the”only dog”. They give a lot of affection, until you introduce another dog. They are so intelligent, and that’s why they get their feelings hurt easily.

      1. Michelle Buchanan

        Linda, if you are referring to American Pitbull Terriers, that’s not really true. We have an APBT & 3 other dogs & 1 cat. They get along Great! Our Pittie is best buddies with our Chihuahua!? It really is all about how they are raised. You can train ANY dog (or human) to be vicious, if you torture them into it! Pitties get such a bad rap, because of bad humans!

        1. You can find tons of stories on both sides. Some Pit owners love and praise every aspect of their dogs and some have horrendous stories. We’ve heard them all and it is very ingenuous to keep saying its the way they’re raised. It is NOT always the way they’re raised. Certain breeds can react to multiple generations of past characteristics. It cannot be bred out of some. I personally know pit owners on both sides. One with the sweetest, most friendly female pit Ive seen. And a neighbor who raised their pit puppy very lovingly and Professionally trained for obedience and still attacked their 3 yr old daughter that he was raised with and almost tore her face off. To
          each his own but I will never Fully trust any dog that can kill alone with any Of my grandchildren.

    2. I have raised two Border Collies both lived 15 years & were the sweetest, loveable, easily trained and a lot of fun. Very loyal also & protective.

        1. John Sylvester Jeziorowski

          Completely agree have 4 gsd. Mom dad and 2 pups. So affectionate make doing chores difficult. To many gsd have gotten bad reputation by idiot owners.

        2. Have had 4 German shepherds and all were loving sweet loyal companions. I got them from German shepherd rescue and they were (are) wonderful loving pets and they are good with other dogs and people–all four.

        3. My German Shepard is the most loving dog on the planet unless you go near me when I am sleeping. She is very protective of me and the family.

      1. I’ve owned and shown Newfoundlands and they are very loving I also have a border collie that is a full bucket of love

    3. My Border Collie was the love of my life. What a sweet, cuddley, friend she was.Smart? Wow! Wish she had lived forty years. If I were younger I’d get another.

      1. Rosanne Minondo


    4. I have a Border Collie right near me who looks like she wants to talk, no she laid down Nana our rescue baby

    5. I have two dogs, a Great Pyrenees and a black mountain cur. I love them so much but I am getting to old to walk them, we don ‘t have backyards here and if they see a cat or squirrel
      they both take off and I end up on the ground .
      They both deserve so much love to hey don’t have to go to the same home.

    1. We have 2 Great Pyrenees puppies and they are the best. They will be guardian dogs for our sheep. When they get to that age, we will get more puppies. The best breed ever.

  1. What about the Dachshund? We have never owned anything other than and they have all been extremely affectonate and loving companions to everyone in the family!

    1. I’ve been owned by Dachshunds since 1990 and wouldn’t have it any other way!! My past includes a Yorkie, Doberman, and poodles. Doxies rule!!!

      1. Dachsunds are incredibly loving and affectionate, will follow you anywhere, are born hunters, can recognize your presence right away, go great distances to find you. They’re awesomely loyal.

  2. You missed the Mi-Ki, kissing level 10+, snuggling level 10+, play level 5, doing what you ask7. Sweetest dogs ever, we’re bred to be lapdog and that’s what they do!!!!

    1. Barbara B Smith

      I had a mix of healer & assyi mix. She was the best loving dog I have every owned. Correction, she own me. I miss her so much. She was white and had beautiful blue eyes. Her name was: Sasha. Still miss her.

    2. Almost any rescue will turn out that way if it is given affection. I have the unlikely mix of Cane Corso and Labrador Retriever. He thinks he is the size of a toy breed, starts of running in place like Scooby Doo, his tongue is never ending when it comes to kisses he thrives on hugs and is constantly smiling… not characteristics commonly thought of for the so called Italian Mastiff

      1. How about a Rottweiler my pup is a ten all the way kisses listens affectionate loving a little mischievous but only with pillows
        Although like someone said yes he was a Rescue and the runt he is my baby in every way.

        1. Anthony Palmieri

          I agree totally. Rottweilers are SO sweet. Years ago I had 22 of them as guard dogs on a construction site. Nighttimes, when they were on duty, they were (frighteningly) aggressive and protective… Daytime, they were bellies up and 22 little stub tails wagging wildly. Years later, when their guard dog days were over, I re-homed 20 of them and kept the two incorrigible ones as house pets until they passed away.

          That was thirty years ago, and I still miss them all.

        2. Isabel IZZY Isabel

          Oh, so true. My rescued and abused Rott was the sweetest lady ever. When a momma bunny had babies in the back yard she brought the babies up to the deck as they were dying. She was totally mortified. When they died she mourned for 3 days. My grandchildren were everything in the world to her. She was always welcome in a pet store, they new her by name and wecomed her at all times. A blessing at all times. Always on guard, but always sweet.

      2. I have a purebred Italian Mastiff and that’s how she is. But actually any dog can be affectionate it is how they are raise that counts.

      3. I have had many dogs – cocker spaniels, labs, retrievers, min pins , pit bull and all were wonderful, loving dogs. I’m a firm believer that it’s how you raise and love them.

      1. Give me an Eski (American Eskimo) ANY DAY! I have owned them most of my life and they are real sweethearts!

        1. Peggy we had an Eski for 18 years and she was the sweetest thing ever!! Now we have two 8-year old pugs-super sweet as well, velcro-dogs and couch potatoes extraordinaire!

  3. You have include Greyhounds on this list, I’ve been around many and they are the most loving of all breeds.

    1. Cheryl D Provost

      AGREE!! Italian greyhound dogs are so tender hearted & known to be gentle peace loving cuddlers

    2. Aside from my Golden doodle I have a Shih Tzu who is highly intelligent and sweet
      Both these breeds are smart kind and gentle. They love everybody and everything loves them.
      Don’t judge a dog unless you’ve had the breed, otherwise, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  4. Big fat lies about pit bulls. The reason they are given them here 10 all over, is because the shelter is full of these dangerous animals. And they want you to go adopt them. They are extremely dangerous, they will attach anyone as soon as they reach the ages from the ages of 1-year-old to 3 years. Stop with the insanity, and tell the truth, so no other family loses their kids over this nasty breed.

    1. These sweet lovable pits got their bad name from the idiots that train them to fight and miss treat them. All Pits that are taken care of and treated with love are a wonderful pet. Quit trashing them.

      1. Donna Drummond

        My family is on our 3rd pit bull. Each one has been loving and loyal. Totally trustworthy with my grandkids. Our current one is besties with our 7 year old grandson. A 80 pound nanny dog. The bad rap comes from bad people!

      2. Mark, I stand behind your statements 100%. I love Pits, they act the way they are treated. My daughter has two. They think they are lap dogs, they play gently with my grand daughters who are now 7 & 9. My daughter also owns a tiny Yorkie. They all get along great. Non of these dogs came from a rescue shelter either.

    2. My pit bull is nothing like that. I think you should educate yourself a bit. You are obviously swallowing spoon fed info

    3. Tracie Barberi Matthews

      I’m not sure where you have gotten your info from but I will offer empathy and understanding if you have had a negative experience with Pitbulls. I would also like to respond by saying that I have had 11 pitbulls and all were rescues from shelters and were trained to be therapy dogs. Many of these dogs in shelters are abandoned by dog fighters as the dogs are not so called aggressive enough. All in all, any breed can be aggressive depending on the environment and if there is inbreeding or neurological deficits.

    4. Pit bulls are so unpredictable, I was feeding a homeless one when I was much younger for a few weeks till it tried to attack me while feeding him. I have a neighbor that has a pit bull that is probably a year old come over twice in my yard and attempt to attack me in one night. The owner would call the dog but he was acting so vicious the dog couldn’t hear him. If it had been my wife or son he would have been able to attack. I told the owner there is a leash law, if he comes over again and does that To my family he is dead!

      1. BS! Had one and he was the sweetest dog even with my infant under 1 year of age!
        Its the people who own them that train them that way.

      2. I thin Pitts are unpredictable as well. I have a Yorkie-poodle. she is gray in color and looks like a stuffed animal toy. I have had 3 different Pitts attack her. The 1st time she almost died. Second time the Pitt just jumped on her back and prepared to sink his teeth into the back of her neck. Third Pitt, who was supposed to be so very time, spotted her and tried to attack her. I don’t understand why they ALL go after her.But I will never knowingly have her around any Pitbull.

    5. Pit Bulls are not vicious by nature. They are very obedient dogs to show their loyalty. So they are easy to teach to attack . So, they are trained to fight. It’s not the Pit Bulls who are nasty. It is the people to train them viciously….

    6. You are a very ignorant person. I have two of the alleged dangerous animals that you have inaccurately described — two females ages 2 and 6 years old. You, sir, are spreading hate about something that in most cases are the fault of irresponsible humans. This is no LIE! I have seen more people attacked (correct spelling) by mixed breed feral mutts and well trained German Shepards than pit bulls. The media and people like you have unfairly demonized these animals. Typical human behavior, “Kill what you do not understand.” By the way, both of mine are rescues from dope houses. They are exceptionally well mannered, and in some cases, they behave better the some children. You don’t have to like what I am saying, and I don’t care. Take your trolling behavior and comments somewhere else. I’ d trust my pit babies before I’d give you or your kids a second look.

      Good Day, Sir!

    7. Totally disagree….have had a female Pitt rescue for 9 years. She adores me and is my constant companion along with my female chocolate lab……they are about the same age.

    8. You are an idiot. It’s ppl like you that try and spread rumors. I have a Pitt and I couldn’t even get her to attach someone if I tried. Not that I would even want to. I have had pretty much every breed, mixed or full in 45yrs and this pity is the most kindest one I’ve owned.

    9. I’ve had 3 pit bulls and my kids crawled all over them played with them and they never attempted to hurt them in any way My brother raises pit bulls and I’ve seen quite a few of them as they got older and they are the sweetest dogs It’s all in how they’re raised I’ve seen a Chesapeake bay retriever keep 3 grown men in a truck for 2 hrs

    10. Ricardo you are very much mistaken, Pit Bulls are just as loving, highly intelligent and very loyal to their owners as any other large dog. If you train them to be mean and mistreat them sure they will try to protect themselves just as an other breed of dog would. It is the owners not the dog that is dangerous and they are the ones who should be put away. I have owned two Pit Bulls and neither one has attached or hurt anyone. He/she is the most caring of all the dogs I have owned.

    11. Ricardo, my family has had pit bulls and pit bull mixes for around 15 years, and frankly, I don’t see myself with any other types of dog. They have been around my own children when quite young as well as infants (grandchildren). My 14 year old pit/Greyhound (!) Mix is on his last legs, just getting frail – my heart will be broken when he goes as he and the others have been so loving and loyal their entire lives.

    12. Ricardo,
      From my heart, I am truly sorry if you have had a horrific or know someone who has had a horrific xperience as you mentioned. But Pitbulls are not as you describe. Like every breed, they are a loving precious dog and great members of any family if raised in an environment of love and compassion.
      Unfortunately, I have seen Pitbulls who hang with drug dealers and sometimes gangs and remember there are dog fights
      But please know that these poor pitties are tortured and trained to be the way you described. Also know that any breed can be trained to be the same.
      I hear what you are saying and have total empathy. It’s people


    We have two pit bulls and they are extremely sweet. We had other dogs in the past and none have been as loving as our two pits.

    1. Deborah rupert

      I agree. I had a pit bull. He was the most loving dog I’ve ever owned and funny. He gave us so much entertainment. He wouldn’t bite a biscuit Lol .

    1. We have a miniature red poodle. He is now 8 months old. He is extremely affectionate, hugs, kisses, and will sleep aside your face when you turn in. I had dogs all my years, loved every one but this shows affection the most.

      1. Yes. We also had a red toy poodle from the Tioppepi Kennals..Rusty was a darling member of our family! Vet told me he was not a dog….he was a POODLE! (a class by themselves)!

        1. I have a toy poodle and I have never seen such an a affectionate loving dog in my life. She is a one dog owner. She has many adult friends, but when I leave the room she runs or cries for me. I have never in my life seen such a precious dog.

  6. All dogs are smarter than most owners and why there so loving as they instinctively know we need love and show us it unconditionally. I love German Shepherd and pitbulls as there underdog’s of canine as loving. Extremely intelligent and intuitive protective and loving fashion they would give their life for you. No greater love than sacrifice. Never met the dog I didn’t like but I have been a lot of owners that didn’t deserve there loyalty.

    1. Natalie Gibsonfox

      We have a Mini Aussie we’ve had other breeds but he is my far the most loving and devoted dog
      We love him to the moon and back. Natalie

      1. Natalie I have a Mini Aussie that has stolen my heart. In all honesty I got him because he was the only one that paid attention to me. He’s so loving and affectionate. He’s my little love buddy

    1. I agree 100%. I’ve owned boxers all my life. GREAT with kids of all ages. May just slobber on them too much when giving “kisses”.

    2. I have had Boxers all my life. What a great breed. They love kids of all ages. They get along well with other dogs. Very protective if need be. We had someone come to the house that we didn’t know and out dog stepped between me and the “stranger” until our. dog knew I was O.K. With the stranger being there.

  7. Beverley Lane

    Thee could not be a more loveable and loving dog (highly intelligent, too!) than the Maltipoo!!! Obviously with the Poodle and Maltese mix they have to be intelligent but they are also eager to please, snuggly and very much attached to you! For instance: Last night my nextdoor neighbor had invited me to dinner. He has a chiuaua and my daughter and her Maltese were also invited. I told Bridget about the invitation in the afternoon and when I said it was time to go she headed to the back door. I told her not to move away from me until I told her to so as I locked the door she stood and waited. Then I said “Go to Uncle Wayne’s” and she looked like a white streak right to his back door. However, when she got there she turned to see where I was and came back to walk me in. She always wants to be where she can see me, even though she was excited to see and play with her friends. I wake up with many kisses every morning and she wants to be in my lap as I watch TV at night. She is an energetic 5 lb. ball of fur, still!!

    1. I really can’t walk a large dog because I can’t walk fast, so I would really like a small lovable pet who loves attention and can be happy in small living quarters with one owner and no other pets.

      1. Natalie Gibsonfox

        We have a Mini Aussie we’ve had other breeds but he is my far the most loving and devoted dog
        We love him to the moon and back. Natalie

      2. I have had 4 Westie’s (West Hyland Terriers) Don’t shed, 18-21 pounds. lovable, smart and social with everyone. Love walks, not to long and slowly.
        I have found my females from breeders who have adult (2-5 yr old)
        who can longer breed. they are house broken and easily trained. Highly recommend I am looking for my 5th now………….

        1. THANK YOU! I have had boxers all my life and they are the best! Great with kids of all ages but protective of their owners if need be.

        2. Sharry,you are so right. My Westie is going on 12. Can’t understand why this breed is not more popular. Affectionate, smart , easy to train, lap partner, no shed, does her business outside in less than five minutes. Can’t imagine switching to any other breed. Stays by me at all times. Smarter than any “honor student”!!!

      3. A Saint Bernard is the biggest baby o the planet! They think they are 5 lbs & try so very hard to be lap dogs! Very, very loving. They intimidate people because they are so big, but I have never seen nor heard of one being the least irritable❤️

  8. I agree whole-heartedly with the pit bull rating but where is the highly intelligent and beautiful Airedale Terrier?

  9. I’ve owned lots of dogs in my lifetime, but none as loving and eager to please as the English springer spaniel.

    1. I agree that English Springer Spaniels are extremely affectionate and eager to please. They are cheerful, happy and who can resist those big brown eyes and constantly wagging stub of a tail?

  10. I have a rescue mix and I could not ask for a more loving dog. I would recommend a
    rescue for anyone looking for a companion dog. Pat

  11. How about the Airedale . Had them all my life . They are not only very loving but they are clowns . So

  12. My Mini Poodle was a wonderful dog as were my rescues and my two mini schnauzers. I have been very blessed.

    1. My black labs have been the most loving of all my dogs and I’ve had dogs all my life. I usually have 3 at home always don’t know why 3 just works for us. I love ALL DOGS. There’s no such thing as a bad dog, just bad owners and/or the people around them. I’ve also only got dogs from the pound or rescue…. I think they love you even more for adopting them and they show it!!!!

  13. Boston Terriers,
    so cute, so loving and loyal!
    At one time I had five. when it came time to clip their nails they would see me get out the clippers and they would line up, because they knew after I clipped their nails they would get my undivided attention, of loving up on them, they would jump down and the next dog would jump up. They were our five kids, they have all crossed over that Rainbow bridge, and I miss them still.

  14. We have two rescue Cairn Terriers. They come in colors to please all, are a manageable size for seniors, smart as whips and SOOO entertaining and verbal.

    1. I have had two Cairns both very lovable and so smart they love to talk to you they make sounds you’d swear they talk

  15. Please rescue any dog first before doing anything else. They are there because of many reasons: their people either past away or got sick; lost their jobs or homes; or many other extenuating circumstances. They will know in their hearts how wonderful it is to be with loving people again.

    1. Thanks for such a thoughtful and realistic reply. God bless those who realize dogs are angels on this earth. Purist souls you will ever meet in your life!

    2. I second this recommendation! Please rescue first! Pure bred dogs have rescue groups but a mixed breed from a shelter is wonderful! I’m a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel person and my current boy is a rescue.

  16. Norman Ladner

    Collie ,Australian Shepherd , Doberman, German Shepherd . We have had them all and each one will love you to death .

  17. Mitchell K Kaufman

    I also have had a lot of dogs, loved em all. One of my favorites has to be my 90 lb female labradoodle. She was one big love dog. She loved to run and would climb my five-foot high fence and go dancing around the neighborhood.

    1. ENGLISH BULL MASTIFF… Best friend best protector lovable attentive smart they are just the best ….!!!!!

  18. I have a begal and I can say he isn’t as loveable, keeps to himself a lot and sleeps all the time he
    is an older dog maybe thats why Liz

    1. Liz, your older dog may be quiet and sleep a lot because he has an underactive thyroid gland. Many older dogs have this problem. A simple blood test can give you the answer. If so, medicine will treat it.

    2. I have a five year old Beagle, a rescue from the local Humane Society, and she is, by far, the best dog I’ve ever had.

      1. I recently had to put to sleep my Beagle “Hobo” that I have had for 16 years. I really miss him he did sleep a lot but when awake was very loving to me and everyone he met.

  19. Any dog could be listed here (almost) as long as it has good people who are knowledgeable of what the breed needs, raising, training and caring for it. I have always had German Shorthaired Pointers. Some kiss, some do not. Play is off the charts as is affection. Doing what you want depends on your level of effort to train it. If you do the dog will do your dishes! I don’t grade my fur babies as I doubt you would want your child graded. Dogs and cats are all different. Actually met a really nasty chocolate lab once! The personality did not go with that dog. Go figure.

  20. Kenneth Hecker

    Any Corgi, Cardigan or Pembroke. They are amazing. We had one who lived to 14 and won 30 Best of Breeds, starting at 18months, and the last one at 8 1/2 years.

  21. Our Cavalier King Charles is a living stuffed animal. The sweetest dog our family has ever had. We had Cockers, which are nice dogs, but our Cavalier is an absolute love sponge! A truly amazing animal! Very smart and obedient.

  22. Beverly San Jose

    our two rottweilers were great loving digs faithful and good guard dogs not overly affectionate but still loving and faithful!

  23. what about the ever loving Pomeranian! Ive had them 18 years they’re loving companions and very loyal

  24. Simon, a Bassett shepherd mix, born without a first joint on his left foot, never stopped him, he is 14, just got diabetes but the happiest most loving character, he is our love. We lost his brother to cancer when he was ten, we cried for weeks and never will forget him. We love them all especially the mix dogs.

  25. For large breeds, Golden Retrievers can’t be beat. For small breeds, the Japanese Chin is absolutely the best.

  26. We have a Jack Russell Terrier, she is 10. She is the most lovable sweet…Only barks when she sees someone coming up to our house that she doesn’t know…She is so patient..We love her dearly.

  27. Candace Peppers

    My husband and I have raised Beagles most of our married lives. But 2 years ago I decided I wanted a bigger dog. So I got an Extra Large American Bully. And he is our baby. He weighs 85 lbs. And he’s the most loving baby we’ve ever had. He even sleeps in our bed with us. He is a bit of bed hog and thinks he’s a lap dog. But I love him with all of my heart and soul!! And yes he is of the Pitbull family. My middle daughter has raised nothing but Pitbull’s. Each everyone of them have had nothing but huge loving hearts!!

  28. I have had many bassets and have loved them very much and have received great love from all of them. They were all very sweet and loving.

  29. What about the shupoo, so gentle and loyal.
    About the pit bulls, my daughter. has one, and I haven’t seen her since he became a member of her family. Not that she tells me but one friend of hers can’t visit because he starts to growl at her and makes attempts to charge her. Another instance is she ran after the small dog in the family and went right through the window trying to get her. Sorry, they all have these rotten genes in them and not to be trusted for a minute.

  30. All the dogs we have owned have been rescue dogs. They are the best. We rescued a Flatcoat retriever, they are puppy like their entire lives, our female has been a wonderful addition to our family.

    1. I have rescued 2 Flatcoat retrievers. After I lost my 1st I had to find another at a shelter. It took some time but I did. The most loving dogs I have ever owned. True to there owner, smart, with a distinct personality all their own. Good w/children & older people as well. Never a boring moment with this dog, but a good dog both indoors & out.

  31. Myrna Hammersley

    When we lost our eleven-year-old Shepherd mix, Benji, who had been a rescue, we weren’t going to adopt another dog. But, after two weeks, we changed our minds and went to a shelter where we found a Bassett mix, Lola. She was so different from Benji in nature and seemed so temperamental and nervous, that I wondered if we could keep her. Yet, we just didn’t have the heart to return her to the shelter recognizing that she probably had a hard life. It took time, but she finally settled down. We show her a great deal of affection and that helps.
    It’s been ten months now and we have come to accept that Lola is very vocal, somewhat of a loner and not as companionable as Benji. Nevertheless, we love her for who she is.

  32. Robert Bombard

    Mini Aussies are very affectionate and very trustworthy. I have had labs also which are close, but no comparison to Aussies

  33. Judith Higgins

    My tiny Pomeranian, Piper, is the sweetest natured little dog you can imagine. She runs up to strangers on our walks and gives them kisses. She follows me around all day and is crazy happy when I come home, even after a short time, twirling in circles. She never has enough petting or scratching and of course she sleeps with us. She is also very beautiful and attracts lots of attention, which reinforces her social behavior. She is a little stubborn and doesn’t obey very well, but that is probably because we spoil her.

  34. We have had a Belgian Tervuren since 1974. They are loving, sweet, playful, protective and easily trained.

  35. In my long and blessed life I have had a Shetland sheep dog, two toy poodles, two bichon’s, a cairn terrier, a boston terrier and a maltese……They all gave our family more love and kisses than we could ever repay….. Thank god for our wonderful pets, would never want to do without them……

  36. Sylvianne Doucette

    I have and always had English Springer Spaniels. They were so great with my children and I have one now, a Senior pup, who is so affectionate with my grandchildren, smart, caring with my hubby who has epilepsy and with me when he knows I do not feel well. He is such a joy and wonderful comfort when the children are not here. Could not ask for a more perfect friend and snuggle bug.

  37. I agree with the pit bull. Most loving dog I have ever had. Loyal, loving, snuggles all the time. Loves people.
    My pound hound pit is the best.

  38. Trish Cummings

    I have 2 miniature Schnauzers & a rescue ! They are all sooo very sweet! I agree with all who said rescues are the best! They appreciate that ya saved them & never forget

  39. I have rescued 2 Flatcoat retrievers. After I lost my 1st I had to find another at a shelter. It took some time but I did. The most loving dogs I have ever owned. True to there owner, smart, with a distinct personality all their own. Good w/children & older people as well. Never a boring moment with this dog, but a good dog both indoors & out.

  40. James Jetton,jr

    Stop the racquet. Give me a bichon Frise–Tenerife canine. a companion guard-dog. ?their fealty to family is nonpareil. Selah!

  41. What about shih tzus – the ultimate lap dog. I have had two of them and they are the most beautiful, intelligent, fun-loving, pretty, compassionate, and very happy dogs around!

  42. Everyone on here has said nothing about Shih Tzu’s. I have had 4 and couldn’t say enough about how loving they are. My current one is a female named Sweetie and she is. Sleeps with me most of the night, but will get down if she gets restless. She is a people person just loves anybody that comes to the door. She doesn’t know a stranger. I also have a Westie that I love but Sweetie is my baby and will be till one of us is gone.

  43. I have a MiKi – what a little love bug!
    List our beautiful ruby red King cavalier – a sweetheart of a dog- like a plush stuffed animal.
    But, heart issues- he had medicine twice daily and never rough house with them or walk them to exhaustion!!!
    Nothing like a King Charles – and no appreciation like that from a rescued mix

  44. How could you even compose an article on affectionate dogs and not include the most affectionate of them all… the Irish Setter? You missed the boat on this one!

  45. There is no such thing as a bad or unloving dog. They’re all amazing and touch our lives. I was lucky enough to share a home with dogs most of my life. I will remember each one of them for the rest of my life. I was owned by 2 beagles that literally saved my life and taught me to smile again. As long as you remember they are smarter than you and you should learn to listen to them, you’ll never have a problem. I don’t like or trust people but dogs….dogs define love.

  46. The remarks part of the video on Chihuahuas is exceptionally accurate. I got mine as a rescue, and he’s amazing. He’s EXTREMELY protective, but only of me. He’s an inveterate beggar, so weight/diet control is essential. He was confiscated from a dog-meat dealer, so was over-weight. Not good with little kids, but great for older people.

  47. Black American Cocker rescued. She adopted 2 neighborhood cats and me .
    Watched over her owner throughout cancer treatment. Feed her taste of the wild dry food and her coat is gorgeous. Love this girl.

    1. We’ve owned three dogs in the last 45 years – the first one was a Lhasa Apso, a gorgeous female dog but very unpredictable. The second one was a Pomeranian, sweet, gentle and obedient. The third one, a Yorky terrier mix, lived to be 17-1/2 years old. He was the most gentle, loving and intelligent companion. i’m still grieving for his loss. I will consider adopting another shelter Pomeranian or Yorky terrier as my last dog. – Lizzie

      1. I have a toy Yorkshire terrior and she is the sweetest, best behaved, smart, loving dog I have ever had & I have had many dogs in my lifetime. she just showed up in my back yard one day & I tried to find her owner with no luck. Precious is mine to keep!!!! Cynthia

  48. Everyone has their opinion, of course, and most of us are even a bit “prejudiced” toward our favorite breed. That being said, and yes, I AM a bit prejudiced…but certainly one of the most affectionate, snuggly, “kissy-licky” breeds is the BOXER…anyone who has owned one will agree.

  49. CHARLES panighetti

    My wife and I have owned two Bernese mountain dogs and I can tell you they are so very loyal and affectionate and loving. They are so good with children our 12 grandchildren just loved playing with them . They were COOL HAND LUKE and REBELS PRIDE both lived to be twelve years old. They and my wife are gone now. But I know there is no better way to fill that void than having a loving and faithful Bernese Mt Dog.

  50. I’ve had five different dog breeds in my adult life, and from experience and the comments on here, just about any breed can be a wonderful companion if raised with love.

  51. i have a weiner dog and she is the most loveable dog around. also i had a pitbull that i got for my grandson and she was his guard she protected that boy like crazy. my ex son-in-law is a jerk and tried to tried to punish his son in a way he shouldn’t and also raised his voice and my dog backed the dad into a corner and then he sat my porch for 2 days without sleep before he decided to move out.

  52. All these posts, and I can’t believe no one has mentioned the big lovable Newfie.
    Big teddy bears. So good with kids. The original “nanny dog”.

  53. we all have our favorites and to list the most lovable is in the “eyes of the beholder”. Mine is a Chocolate Lab. When I was sick he knew, “? Smelled” something was wrong. Just love your dog no matter what it’s origin is.

  54. How can you overlook the ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL?!!! I love dogs and have had many, but none is more affectionate, not to mention very smart and beautiful. I’m on my third now. Seems to me you simply listed the most fashionable breeds at one point in time. I won’t claim these breeds are not affectionate. Almost all dogs are. Goldens are fabulous. But not all of the others. In particular, how can you put the mutt at the top? There are wonderful, perfectly lovable mutts and some that are vicious or not socialized, and just about everything in between.

  55. So happy to see chihuahua on the list! My little princess is my world! I cracked up SO hard though at the 8 for “Doing What You Say!” I’d give that about a 0! LOL! She will do the exact opposite of what we say & give us this look that makes it clear that she knows what we said & thinks it’s hilarious to do the opposite! LOL! It’s part of her charm though! My mom said maybe other chihuahuas do what they’re told & we just got one with an attitude! I laughed & said I’ve never met a chihuahua without some kind of tude! LOL! They’re SO lovable & sweet though! Their coloful personalities just add to their cuteness!

  56. I have Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Aussies, Border Collies, and the the shelter mutts. They have all been very loving affectionate, wonderful dogs, but nothing comes close to my Berner. Bernese Mountain Dogs are by far the most affectionate dog you will ever find.

  57. I’m surprised not to see West Highland White Terrier on here. Our Westie loved, loved everyone and was always wanting to give kisses, snuggle on the couch and stand between my legs to let me know he was there. He crossed the rainbow bridge on April 30th and I miss him sooo much. No dog could take his place.

  58. Sorry pit bull lovers, but pits are nice until they attack. I cannot believe anyone is stupid enough to put a pit with their kids. When you have kids, you are suppose to love them and protect them, not take a chance with their lives.

  59. What about the Bichon Frise? I have had two and currently have one. They are remarkable– funny/comical, very affectionate, gentle, smart and will defend you to their very life if you are under attack. A huge pit bull (unleashed) ran at me in a public park and my Bichon Frise jumped in front of me growling and snarling— I had never heard this from him before. The Pitt stopped in his tracks and then ran away. His owner came running and yelled “your dog scared the ____ out of my Pitt!” I yelled back something about his dog deserving it besides needing to be leashed (under North Carolina). The owner stood there and then he took off running, after his Pitt, both with their tails between their legs! I love the Bichon Frise breed and have been thrilled to see them win at national dog events!

  60. Thank you for including the extremely loyal and lovable, but most often maligned Pit Bulls. I have one, and am “dog-sitting” two more (they belong to my sons). All three are afraid of my cat.

  61. My boys are an Australian Shepherd and a German Short Hair pointer, both very special and loving beyond. I never believed in “therapy dogs,” I do now. They are incredible. I would give them 10 in every category.

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