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12 Surprising Ways Your Dog Says ‘I Love You’

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Animals are some of the best creatures on earth and without them, most of us probably wouldn’t have known what love and responsibility mean. The idea that animals can love was impossible to imagine especially for some scientists, but over time more and more research has been discovered and has confirmed the emotional side of animals. When it comes to dogs, of course, they can’t externalize their feelings in words, but they can let you know their feelings with small gestures. 

In fact, everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friends. Just like many other animals, dogs are extremely intelligent, adorable companions and trustworthy. They give and teach us a lot of things and in return, they do not ask for much. All that your pet wants from you is for you to show them affection and kindness. In other words, you can’t adopt a pet, whether we talk about dogs, cats or exotic animals, if you do not have enough time to take care of it, because they have special needs, such as daily walking, food and different medicines. 

There is a question that many people ask: do our dogs love us back? Well, the answer is yes and I bet that you can feel it. Even though it can’t talk to you physically, it does not mean that your dogs can’t express their emotions in so many different ways. Animals can love you unconditionally and your pet shows you this every day, from giving you broken items to guarding you while sitting on the toilet. 

So, read on to find out some ways your dog is showing that it loves you, according to vets!

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2 thoughts on “12 Surprising Ways Your Dog Says ‘I Love You’”

  1. Of course animals can show their love! Even wild baby animals I rehabed to be released back to the wild, recognized me a their “mother”. But, wild animals do not make pets!!! When hormones kick in, you can have a very different animal to deal with. So, it is best for you and the animal for it to be returned to the wild. One must guard against human imprint on a wild baby.
    If it is not raised with it’s own kind, wild counter parts will not accept it. Plus, the poor baby won’t know what it is. I always raised babies in a group, of at least, 2 or more, so they learn interaction with their own kind. It is also critical to feed them the same foods they are likely to find once released. There are now powered milk formulas – one for felines and one for dogs. If you don’t know what to do, contact an experienced rehab person or organization for help. In some states it is illegal to own a wild animal unless permitted. Raptors are especially protected under law. It could be illegal to even have feathers from one.
    The most important thing is before you add any pet to your family, do your research! This way you will know what to expect in the future. Don’t buy or adopt on a whim! Educate yourself first! It can save you and the pet, a lot of future distress and heartbreak.

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