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8 Fluffiest Dog Breeds You Will ADORE!

Photo by fotyma from Envato Elements

Is there anything cuter than seeing a ball of fluff walk down the street with their owner? Well, obviously! To have one yourself! But which are the cutest, and fluffiest dog breeds out there? Don’t worry, we have gathered some of them here! And even if you do not plan on getting a fluffy friend, these little friends are bound to make your day better!

Don’t believe us? Have a look over our list and see for yourself. Just make sure to let us know which one of them you’d love to snuggle with and why! Who knows, maybe you have one of these cuties at home already!

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1 thought on “8 Fluffiest Dog Breeds You Will ADORE!”

  1. I had 4 St Bernards and 2 Newfies (not at the same time, except for a St. Bernard and a puppy Saint. loved them all, but they do not live as long as smaller dogs. Of course, there are special ones that live a tad longer, Mostly 8-10 years. The undercoat keep them warm and they are water dogs. Had a kiddie pool for the Newfies and would put tennis balls in the water and they would rescue them out. Used to get a full trashbag full of undercoat when brushed, (literally). Would leave some out for the birds and they would take it to lne their nests. The lucky little ones. St. Bernards did not particularly like water, but were right at home with the snow and the Newfies, obviously water. LOVED LOVED both breeds. Now have had to downsize to a toy poodle who has his own personality, I had a dog since I was 7 and now am 77, soon to be 78.

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