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35 Amazing Animal Hugging Photos

When it’s true love, it doesn’t matter how uncomfortable you are!
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12 thoughts on “35 Amazing Animal Hugging Photos”

  1. these pictures are so great..made me smile today even tho’ its not a good day for me..thank you….

  2. It amazes me how so many people can be at the right place, at the right time, &
    come up with such delightful pictures! They are priceless!!!

  3. I have seven cats, two indoors that I rescued, and the rest outdoors which are all strays. I love them so much. I even learned how to say all this in German!
    Just saw the cutest animated film today called “The Secret Life of Pets.” Adorable and I think it’s ranking in a ton of money for Universal Studios.

  4. Saundra Newbill

    I love all animals and these pictures are just too adorable. It is a shame that human race can’t get along like these beautiful animals do.

  5. Michael Helveston

    Funny what we should learn from these animals. But if you think about it, that’s what we are to them. ANIMALS

  6. Libbie Counselman

    I love these photos, but I wish the web page were designed so that you didn’t have to scroll down every time, to click on the number to get the next photo. It would be a lot simpler if it were like Facebook’s albums, where you just click the right or left arrow to move from photo to photo.

  7. Frustrated 'wanna-be' viewer

    I enjoy animal pictures. However; when I only see the first picture in each category, unable to see the rest of the featured list, because I cannot figure how to go through the list, you have lost me. Next time I will just delete pictures I would like to see because I don’t need more aggravation in my life.

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