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Adorable Puppy Pictures That Will Make You Melt

Longer arms were created with the purpose of holding more puppies, right? Or at the very least for holding up cameras to take pictures of puppies.


Need a pick-me-up?

Nothing encourages happiness quite like a double high-five from a puppy—that’s an undisputed scientific fact.

© Ivanova N/Shutterstock

Expert-level snuggling

Is it just us, or does this little guy in a hammock make you want to climb right in and snuggle all day? We also checked out these adorable photos of animal friendships, because life is short and cuddles are everything.

© Grigorita Ko/Shutterstock

This will make you learn to love laundry

Forget everything you know about laundry. This pictures of puppies being actively involved in the laundry process is the only thing we’ll ever need to get us excited about cleaning.

© DTeibe Photography/shutterstock

Teamwork makes the world go round

As if you weren’t a big enough fan of unity, these fuzzy German Shepard pups will lead you directly to the land of teamwork and friendship.

© Sundays Photography/Shutterstock

Got that sunshine in my pocket

You know how the song goes, and these puppies, much like Justin Timberlake, also have that good soul in their feet.

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