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Photos That Prove Cows Are Too Adorable for Words

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Though they might not immediately come to mind when you think of cute or cuddly creatures, cows are just as friendly and fun as any canine or feline. Not only that, but they are also extremely intelligent animals—so intelligent, in fact, that they can experience emotions ranging from love and affection to anger and aggression. Not convinced? Then let these udderly adorable cow photos do the talking.

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This big cow smooch

As it turns out, this adorable interaction isn’t uncommon between cattle. According to Judith Madey of The Nature Institute, older cows actually communicate by licking each other. How cute!

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This cow getting up close and personal

Cows are not afraid to get all up in your personal space, as seen by this farm friend who wasn’t afraid to get intimately acquainted with the camera.

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This cow and its little tongue

Cow tongues aren’t just cute. They’re actually also very useful, as the USDA notes as this appendage is what they use to grab leaves for sustenance.

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This smiling friend resting in the field

This friendly face chilling in the grass is doing just what a cow loves to do most: resting! According to the Farm Animal Welfare Education Centre, a dairy cow’s main priority is lying down—so much so that they spend as much as half the day doing so.

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This big-eared farm friend

Pay close attention to this farm friend’s floppy ears. Not only are they udderly adorable, but a study published in Applied Animal Behavior Science also found that cows’ feelings can actually be seen through the positioning of their ears. When calm and relaxed, cows’ ears tend to be in a backward and/or hanging position, as opposed to in an upright position.

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