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30 Animals That Just Don’t Care About Where They Fall Asleep

He was halfway to the bed and couldn’t make it..
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18 thoughts on “30 Animals That Just Don’t Care About Where They Fall Asleep”

    1. Although it’s a little annoying; scroll down to where you see the really tiny boxes (that are links to each pic) numbered to 30. Just click on each number to see the 30 individual pics. Or, just change the number up above in the web address to the next number and hit enter. I couldn’t find an arrow to go to the next picture myself. They’re worth the time to see. Good luck.

  1. What I wouldn’t give to be able to sleep like these animals sleep. Any place–any time–and without worry.

  2. My dog has done #3 ~ especially on a hot day when we pass a yard with tall green grass & shade. It’s nearly impossible to get him to move again/

  3. #12 is staged. I don’t remember where, but I’ve seen a whole portfolio of pictures of this dog taken by his lucky owner. All of the pics included therein were staged by a man and his well trained dog. Love it!

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