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15 Dog Breeds That Love To Be Lazy

Dogs can be lazy too! If you want to adopt a pet, and you are a less energetic person, here are the laziest dog breeds that don’t need too many activities! Read on to find out more!

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8 thoughts on “15 Dog Breeds That Love To Be Lazy”

  1. What about “rescue” greyhounds? Once they are retired from their racing days, they are quiet, gentle, and really laid back. They traditionally seem grateful for a less hectic lifestyle and love becoming sleek couch potatoes.

  2. What you failed to mention is they maybe lazy, but they are messy drinkers. With the big jowl dogs, such as Boxers, they fling water everywhere when they drink as well as it running out of their mouth when they walk away from their water dish. they also drool. On the 16th of march our Boxer, Roxie, went “Over the Rainbow Bridge.”i Loved that rescued dog ’till the day she passed, and beyond, but regretfully, I won’t get another.

  3. Joel D Lebowitz

    Would any of these dogs on the low energy list make a good Service Dog. If not would you provide a list of dog breeds that would?

  4. I have 3 greyhounds and they are truly a laid back dog. NAP time is very important to them and nothing is their roach position with four legs in the air.

  5. H e l l o, you completely neglected the GREYHOUND. They may run fast but that’s maybe 1x daily. The rest of the time your couch or bed is nothing but Greyhound.

  6. Saints are fantastic dogs have had them for over 45 years. We do not breed we just love them… that is all, they are our big fur babies! Being Farm people we are lucky enough to have a large property with an invisible fence and they come into an attached garage we have a dog door and tiled the walls have way up and they have their beds in there with toys and their food tables.We air condition in the summer. It is an ideal way to have Saints. They all do not drool there is a dry mouth, but a little messy when they eat. They are smart, very smart, they learn quickly show them once or twice and do not be surprised they have it. They are extremely loving and great with kids. But they like room and do not really like to be to confined. The rough coat (long haired) is a bit sweeter natured than smooth coat short hair(which is the original Saint but both are very loving. Short hair is the worse when it comes to shredding. The short hair flies and goes everywhere.. like needles where-as the long hair falls to the ground. Hint if you have them in a place like we do we just blow out the garage each morning and it is an easy way to maintain their area. Once a month we wash it down. Our dogs are happy, and well adjusted they go bye-bye with us…love the lake, and we do let them in the house but only in a couple of areas ….keeps the work down. Just share some ideas and some hints from a long time Saint parent.

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