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You should take frequent breaks

If you want to have a fun and beautiful trip, you have to take breaks every two hours of driving for a little stretching. Your dog needs this as well. “Your dog may have regained his energy after your last play session,” Vachon says. “So use these breaks as a time to play, engage, and give attention to your dog.”

“An outdoor situation is definitely better than an indoor or densely packed situation. Keeping the pets 6 feet away from other humans is a good idea,” said Dr. Chen.

Moustaki also said that in the event of a car accident, a dog on a leash is much easier for an emergency crew member to grab once he’s out of his harness or crate. “Dogs have been known to bolt from accident sites,” she explains.

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  1. You should not allow your dog to put his head out of the car window when traveling. The dog can contract pink eye, like humans, or some bug or debris can fly into the dog’s eyes. I’m surprised you did not include this in your article. Vets will tell you to keep your dog’s head inside the car, not out the window when traveling on he road. Joanne Roberts, Beloit, WI.

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