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Fruits and Veggies Your Dog Can (and Can’t) Eat

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Our beloved pets are very sensitive when it comes to the food we give them. Even though it may seem that fruits and vegetables are always a healthy and good choice for you, it may not be the same case for your animal.

Fruits and veggies have plenty of vitamins and can help boost their immune system, however some of them can turn out pretty toxic for your dog.

We’ve assembled a list to let you know which ones are good for your furry friend and which ones aren’t.

Check it out and find out what you should stop giving to them:

Fruits That Are Good For Them:

• Apples (without the seeds)

• Bananas (limited amounts because those contain lots of sugar)

• Blueberries

• Cranberries

• Blackberries

• Coconut (without the husk)

• Mangoes (without the pits)

• Nectarines (without the pits)

• Oranges

• Peaches (without the pits)

• Pears

• Pineapple

• Raspberries (limited amount)

• Strawberries

• Watermelon (without the seeds or rind)

• Sweet Melon

Be aware: They can eat citrus but parts such as leaves, stem, skin, and leaves are toxic for them

Fruits That Are Bad For Them: 

• Cherries

• Fruits that are dried (except for small amounts of cranberries)

• Grapes

• Raisins

• Tomatoes

• Grapefruits

• Lemons

• Lime

• Plums

Vegetables That Are Good For Them: 

• Bell Peppers (limited amounts)

• Broccoli (limited amounts)

• Brussel Sprouts

• Carrots

• Celery

• Green Beans

• Lettuce

• Potatoes

• Spinach (limited amounts)

• Sweet Potatoes

• Cauliflower

• Pumpkin

• Zucchini

Vegetables That Are Bad For Them:

• Avocados

• Onions

• Mushrooms

• Asparagus

Final Word

Before giving any of these to your dog you should check with the vet and see if they are beneficial for your pet’s diet.

When we take the role of raising a pet, not just dogs, we also make it our mission to give them a good lifestyle. And so, being aware of the things that we should or shouldn’t do for them is one of our main job.

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