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French Bulldog Puppy Gets Her Own Precious Newborn Photoshoot

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The life of a young child is full of celebrations: first steps, first words, first photoshoot.

Photographer Brenden Boggs decided baby dogs deserved special treatment too.

According to the California-based photographer’s website, when Boggs heard her friend, fellow photographer Rachel Zee, recently welcomed a new puppy into her life, Boggs had a proposal.

“I texted her and asked if she wanted a newborn puppy shoot, and she thought it was an amazing idea and was totally down,” Boggs writes on her site.

© Provided by TIME Inc.

That’s how Olive the French bulldog puppy, who already has her own Instagram, became the star of her own newborn photoshoot.

Just like a newborn shoot for a human baby, this furry session featured precious poses and adorable outfits.

“My heart was full all day,” Boggs writes of her shoot with Olive.

Olive’s session isn’t a special one-time case; Boggs is open to doing more newborn shoots with baby pets, especially puppies.

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