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12 Small Dog Breeds That Are Perfect For Any Home

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There are so many reasons to love small dogs. They’re excellent at cuddling, and can fit snugly in your lap or the crook of your knees. They shed less. They’re cheaper, as they require less food and supplies. And they’re easier to transport to the vet or wherever you’d like to take them – plus, they typically won’t try to fight you when you scoop them up to put them in a travel bag!

In short, undersized pups are the perfect addition to a family. Small dog breeds are generally defined as weighing less than 22 pounds and standing shorter than 16 inches.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular wee dogs.

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13 thoughts on “12 Small Dog Breeds That Are Perfect For Any Home”

    1. I love my Havanese she is everything you want in a dog. Does not shed, affectionate, brilliaant, playful and loving.

  1. I had a beagle for many years, the sweetest dog ever. Beagles are known for their lovely personalities, always optimists.

  2. Angel K Hohorst

    I have a beagle pug mix. Puggle loyal loving and she is always there to comfort the grandbabies elderly in a wheelchair. Stays close to comfort if you are not feeling well. Great mix breed. Kinda chunky but extended beagle snout adds years that are typically lost to breathing on normal pugs

  3. I have a Manchester Terrier which looks a great deal like a mini Pinscher. I got her from a clients family after the death of her young owner. The dog has great personality and is rather high strung. She is my best friend. I am very blessed. I have owner Chaihuahuas, Poms and even Pit Bulls. My Terrier is a great dog followed by the Chais.
    Be blessed! Thanks for the article.

    1. I have also owned many other breeds of dogs. I have had Pit Bulls, Poms, Chais, and l currently have an 11 pound, nine year old Manchester Terrier. After over 50 years of canine ownership, l love my rescued Manchester. She is sweet, loyal, and usually quiet. She eats very little but she can be a bit high strung at times. She rarely get the least bit sick. She is very, very easy to care for and she requires little if any grooming. If anything were to happen to her, l would not hesitate to get another Manchester.

  4. Marianne Galantino

    I have a rescued Jack Russell Terrier who is very active but also extremely lovable. So bright he even sings with me. Best thing that ever happened to me.

  5. Again where is the Yorkshire Terrier?!?! One of the best small dogs and you don’t even have them in here!!!!!

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