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10 Interesting Myths And Facts About Your Dog

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Before adopting a dog is important  to do detailed research on their needs, and behavior, in order to know how to take care of them and to what to expect.

However, there are some things about dogs which you probably heard over the time which may be far from true.

Some things are myths and facts which you probably you swore were true, but in fact it’s the exact opposite.

We’ll break it down for you below.

1. Dog’s are not actually color blind. They can see more than just gray, black and white, but indeed their color spectrum is more limited than ours. 

2. One year for dogs is not equal to 7 human years. It’s true that they age and grow fast but that math formula is just fake news. 

3. Having a dry nose does not mean they are sick. Having both warm or cold, dry or wet nose is perfectly normal.

4. Dental hygiene is an important step don’t skip just because you heard their mouths are clean. That is a fake myth. Oh and don’t forget some of them even eat their own feces. 

5. Dogs don’t wag their tail only when they’re happy. They can also wag it if they’re sad, anxious or anything related to that. 

6. DO NOT and we repeat DO NOT leave your dog alone in the car. Leaving your window cracked won’t do and it can still cause them heart failure at any moment. 

7. Cats and dogs don’t actually hate each other. They just have different dynamics and are very different. 

8. You absolutely CAN teach an old dog new tricks! 

9. Canines don’t have a vendetta against the mail man. But it’s in his nature to want to protect you so that’s why he reacts more loudly and aggressively towards strangers that pass by your door. 

10. Dogs shouldn’t eat like wolves. 



Knowing how to take the proper care of your dog is essential, however don’t believe everything you hear or read on the Internet (trust us).

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