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7 Myths About Heartworms in Pets, According to Vets

Photo by Gladskikh Tatiana / Shutterstock

Heartworms in pets or Dirofilaria immitis is a severe and potentially fatal disease in pets. This serious disease is caused by foot-long worms that live in your pet’s heart, lungs and blood vessels, and in so many cases, it could lead to severe health issues or even death.

The most responsible creature for transmitting this infection are mosquitoes because when they bite an infected animal, they draw blood that contains microscopic baby worms, then when an infected mosquito bites another animal, they will pass the virus to your animal.

It takes about six months for the larvae to develop and attack the vital organs of your pet. Moreover, once the number of mosquitoes increases, there is also the possibility that pets will contract more heartworms.

So, if you want to prevent this disease and keep your pet safe, here are some heartworm myths debunked by animal experts. Read on for more info!

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