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Cat Meets Pillow Who Looks Just like Him and Falls Madly in Love

Harry has lived with his mom since he was just a tiny kitten, and even though he often looks very grumpy and unamused, he’s actually the sweetest cat you’ll ever meet and is always very concerned with his family and everything that’s going on around him.

“Harry looks like he hates everyone and everything a lot of the time, but really, he is the clingiest, cuddliest dude ever,” Beka Smyth, Harry’s mom, told The Dodo.

“He likes to be involved with everything I do, will call out for me if I leave the room and he doesn’t know where I’ve gone, and since he was a little tiny kitten he’s slept pretty much directly on my head at night.”

Smyth and her partner were out shopping recently when she saw something that made her stop dead in her tracks. Sitting on the top shelf of the store they were in was a gigantic cat pillow — and it looked exactly like Harry.

Between the coloring and the grumpy expression, the pillow captured Harry so well, and Smyth knew she had to buy it.

As soon as she and her partner got home, Smyth introduced her new Harry look-alike pillow to Harry — and at first, he had no idea how to react.

“Harry’s response was a little unexpected. I thought that he may freak out at the sight of it, but instead he kind of just looked at me as if to say, ‘Is this some kind of joke?’” Smyth said.

After the initial introductions, Smyth put the pillow on top of Harry’s cat tree, and he quickly hopped up next to it, slowly transitioning from confused to very, very curious.

The next day, the pillow migrated to the couch, and so did Harry. He hopped up onto the couch next to it, settled in — and refused to move for pretty much the entire day.

Sometime after the pillow arrived, Harry decided that, after his initial shock, he was actually quite in love with it after all, and wanted to spend as much time with his new best friend as possible.

“He spent the entire day sitting next to it on the couch — only hopping off to investigate what I was doing in the study every now and then — and he’s been sitting next to it a lot of the time ever since,” Smyth said.

When Smyth first bought the pillow, she thought it was a super amusing coincidence that Harry might get a kick out of as well, but had no idea that the grumpy-looking pillow would actually turn out to be her cat’s new best friend.

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2 thoughts on “Cat Meets Pillow Who Looks Just like Him and Falls Madly in Love”

  1. Christa O'Connor

    I also have an AMAZING tuxedo cat. Mine is in love with a rug that has his likeness woven into
    it. He spends time sitting on it. (Only rug he ever sat on!) Cats are truly amazing! I love my
    wonderful rescue cat!! Christa

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