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Did You Adopt a Wolf or a Dog? With These Breeds, It’s Hard to Tell

You have plenty of reasons to be afraid of a big bad wolf, but there’s nothing to fear about a dog that looks like a wolf. Many dog breeds bear a striking resemblance to their wilder brothers, but they’re a lot less likely to howl at the moon (or terrorize your neighbors).

With their pointy ears and triangular faces, these breeds may even convince your friends that you adopted a wolf rather than a dog, though the jig will be up when they get a lick on the face rather than a bite on it.

From Tamaskans to Utonagans, we’ve rounded up the dogs that look the most like wolves, and some of these breeds truly look more like a canis lupus than a canine. But don’t be scared. You’ll definitely be more tempted to hug these nine furry breeds that look like wolves than to run away from them.

© Alan Tunnicliffe Photography – Getty Images

Alaskan Malamute

This loyal and affectionate breed is best recognized for its big fluffy tail and substantial size. Seeing as the Alaskan Malamute originated as an arctic sled dog, according to American Kennel Club, it’s no surprise that this breed has a dense weatherproof coat like a wolf and loves to hang out in packs.

© Juan Diego Valverde – Getty Images

Siberian Husky

With its striking facial mask and sharp, intelligent features, the Siberian Husky looks for all the world like a medium-sized wolf. Be warned though — according to Dog Time, this sneaky breed is wildly independent and is known for its ability to escape from just about anywhere.

© alexis84 – Getty Images

Canadian Eskimo

Known for pulling sleds and hunting, the Canadian Eskimo is built like a large husky or malamute and has tons of energy. While this breed loves people, Hill’s Pets warns that it may not be as friendly towards other dogs due to its wolf-like pack behavior.

© Studio315 – Will Fields / 500px – Getty Images


According to PetGuide, the Tamaskan is a cross between several types of sled dogs, including the Siberian Husky and the Alaskan Malamute, and it is actually selectively bred to resemble a wolf. This energetic and highly intelligent dog needs plenty of exercises and mental stimulation to keep it entertained.

© Grant Glendinning Photography – Getty Images


Just like the Tamaskan, the Utonagan breed was specifically developed to look like a wolf, according to PetGuide. This dog only looks wild, however, and though it requires plenty of exercise, it makes for a wonderful family dog as long as it’s handled with a firm hand.

© cynoclub – Getty Images


Though bred from the German Shepherd, the Saarloos does have a wild wolf in its genes, according to PetGuide. While plenty of breeds resemble wolves, this dog is unique in that it actually exhibits wolf-like behavior as well, but don’t worry, because the Saarloos is a quick learner and responds well to training.

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1 thought on “Did You Adopt a Wolf or a Dog? With These Breeds, It’s Hard to Tell”

  1. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures of these beautiful dogs.
    I am blessed to have a Siberian Husky he is my only child. Great companion.
    If you have more animal pictures please send the. My dogs name is Zeus.

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