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Turtles are amazing for beginners who want to adopt a pet for their little kid. They grow about 8 to 12 inches long and their lifespan is up to 25 years, so, your kid will have a friend for a long time. “They are definitely becoming more popular as pets. Some of them are very beautiful and they can be easily purchased over the internet. But there’s no such thing as an easy pet,” says Katrina Smith. 

These little pets can live in an aquarium in groups and with larger fish, but if you have small fish try to separate them because turtles eat the small ones. Due to their ability to swim, which makes them very good swimmers, they need a large aquarium. Also, you have to use an underwater heater for keeping constant the water temperature. For your information, aquatic turtles are more active during the day, so try to offer them the light they need. 

These pets are the best if you live in a small house and you don’t have space for another animal, but try to give them all the things that they need to live harmoniously. For decorating their little home, all you have to do is to create a sloped area from aquarium gravel or use different stones to create a dry area as well. 

You have to consider some things before adopting a turtle. First of all, try to teach your kids to handle the turtle, because it likes to be lifted at the midsection and not by the legs and always wash your hands before and after touching your pet. 

If you see any of these symptoms on your turtle condition after you brought her home to her new family, then try to talk to a vet urgently: it hides often or doesn’t eat, skin discoloration and lack of energy. 

Some animal experts say that wild turtles cannot withstand the environment in captivity and they recommend you adopt one from your local pet shops, but even if you do this make sure it was born in captivity. Many turtles and other animals carry salmonella, so, you have to prevent this by washing your hands every time you touch it. 

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