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The distress calls that mammal offspring give, share elements across species. For example, a Canadian study showed that mother deer rushed towards recorded cries not only of deer offspring, but also to those of dogs, cats and humans.

Deer are known to look for bird nests and eat their offspring. In Germany, there is a species of deer who won’t cross the border of where the Iron Curtain once stood. Even though the border hasn’t been there for 20 years, it still refuses to cross.

They’re able to swim between islands and, due to their constant interaction with humans, have stopped fearing them. The key deer is the smallest North American deer species. Deer pose the most danger to humans out of all mammals in North America due to their affinity of running across highway lanes.

Red deer in New Zealand have a rare fiber called Cervelt; it’s supposedly softer than cashmere. Deer antlers are the fastest growing tissue on the planet. They’re capable of expanding an inch every two days during their “velvet” stage.

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