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Typically found close to wetlands and rivers, magpie geese fly long distances, especially in the wet season. The magpie goose is the only goose in the world that can sleep in trees. They have a strong hind toe that provides a secure grip on branches.

Magpie geese feed in large, noisy flocks of up to a few thousand birds. They congregate to feed on aquatic vegetation. Almost entirely vegetarian, these birds also consume blades of grass, seeds, bulbs, and rhizomes dug from underground using their hooked bill.

Eggs and hatchlings are easy meals for birds of prey like the whistling kite, dingoes, snakes, and other small, terrestrial predators. Adults are hunted by humans, and the species is facing challenges from habitat loss due to extensive agriculture and the destruction of wetland.

Vocally, magpie geese communicate in loud “honks.” They also may get their point across by shaking their wings when feeling threatened or after squabbles with other geese.

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