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This creature dates back to the ancient Greek historian Herodotus. He travelled the whole world and made notes about everything he saw. The reason why he described these creatures in his book is because the Scythian nomads presented him with detailed reports.

Scythia was the area we today know as central Asia and Ukraine. These nomads not just described the location of these creatures but also talked of the feeding habits linked to the griffin. Additionally they explained the geographical range that was mainly located around Asia’s Gobi Desert, particularly near gold deposits.

Moreover, griffins are the symbol of the divine power. The mythology has griffin being portrayed like a mix between a lion and an eagle. In most circumstances, this creature is shown with the body of a lion and the head of an eagle, but there are other special features too that need to be considered. The most typical portrayal of the griffin is in the form of a creature with the imperial looks and strong physique. Griffin commanded deep reverence as the king of mythical creature.

A great deal of mythology can be found on griffins just like dragons because they were very clever and witty characters who invested a large amount of time searching for and guarding treasures and gold. Other legends portray the griffin as a trickster, much like the Sphinx, who could mint up riddles and tricks to defeat people.

The winners would then reach the treasures or be left alive, and the losers… would perhaps not. The Sphinx also has the lion’s body. Legends say that they develop their nests from gold, plus they fearlessly safeguard both their nests and also the eggs that they lay in it.

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