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The Tasmanian’s devil’s range is the island state of Tasmania, which is part of Australia. Their habitat includes eucalyptus forests, woodlands, coastal scrubland, and agricultural areas.

During the day, Tasmanian devils find shelter under stones, in caves, bushes, old wombat burrows, or hollow logs. With their stocky body and large head, devils look slow and awkward in their movements as they amble along, but they are the top carnivores in Tasmania. Tasmanian devils maintain home ranges in the wild, which vary with the availability of food.

Tasmanian devils are basically carrion eaters, scavenging anything that comes their way. But they also hunt live prey such as small mammals and birds. Because of their tearing, shearing teeth and powerful jaws, devils can eat most of a carcass, including the bones.

The mother devil gives birth to her tiny, undeveloped babies, called imps, which are pink and hairless, and remain in her pouch for close to four months.

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