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In the winter, Mongolian gazelles and red deer may join the horse herd for added protection. Winter is long and hard for the horses, as food is much harder to find.

Przewalski’s horses grow thick, warm coats for the winter, complete with long beards and neck hair. These coats are important during the harsh winters in their habitat in Mongolia, Kazakstan, and China, where temperatures can be freezing.

Like their equine relatives, Przewalski’s horses are grazers and mostly nibble on wild grasses. The horses graze together and rest together. Their sharp hooves are used to dig holes in the ground, if needed, to find water.

It is thought that Przewalski’s horses have never been successfully domesticated. They live in two kinds of large, distinct social groups: harem and bachelor groups. Harems rarely have more than 10 mares and their offspring up to 2 or 3 years of age and are led by one dominant stallion.

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