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These Cat And Pug Walked All Across Spain

Readers Sebastian and Finn tell us about walking 1,500km (932mi) with their pets.

In 2015, we realised we were not living our dream anymore, so we sold our belongings and gave notice on our apartment. The plan was to walk across Spain, taking everything we owned, most importantly Bandito the pug and Luigi the cat.

Bandito and Luigi

Following the historic Camino to Santiago route, a pilgrimage from the north of Spain to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, our journey quickly became a hit on social media as the first people to do it with their pets. Crossing plateaus, forests and the Spanish plains in all types of weather made for an epic journey, one that has attracted attention for upcoming books and merchandise. Since completing the walk, we now lead a simple life in our home just outside Marbella.

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