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The Siberian Flying Squirrel That Jumps Like No Other

Although the Siberian flying squirrel doesn’t fly in the traditional sense, a membrane that extends, between their fore and hind limbs allows them to glide between trees some 100 metres (328 test) apart.

In the summer months, the flying squirrel is at its most active between an hour after sunset and through the night. Like all squirrels, most of their time is spent foraging for food, but in truth not much is known about this secretive animal. We do know that they love areas with old, hollow trees for building nests and hiding food, such as forests with large numbers of aspen, birch and cedar trees. It is also the only flying squirrel to be found in Europe.

Siberian Flying Squirrel

Because they extend their forelimbs laterally during flight, with their hind limbs close together along the tail, the Siberian flying squirrel creates an unusual triangular silhouette.

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