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30 Animals Surprised By Their Owners Coming Home Sooner

1. Tiger


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9 thoughts on “30 Animals Surprised By Their Owners Coming Home Sooner”

  1. That is so interesting and i am sure many are as interested as I am.I like Bears and know Grizzlies are really big as I saw some foraging salmon in British Columbia in 1952 and they were mammouth!!

  2. Wow. So interesting to see. Great selection of pictures. I had thought of a Heyana (?) as small as a large dog, but they are very large. I enjoyed seeing the sharks , how large they are. Thanks for putting on those pictures together. I Really enjoyed seeing them.

  3. Great photos but I am totally puzzled by #15! How could one possibly get a buffalo inside their home and why would it occur to anyone to do that?? : )

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