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Prevost’s Squirrel: Meet The Squirrel With An Eye-catching Coat

The Prevost’s squirrel has a distinctive coat that gives it the nickname ‘the tricoloured squirrel’. Black on top with a white stripe Separating the chestnut undercoat, this squirrel certainly stands out. Different subspecies have prominent patches on their shoulders, too.

Prevost’s Squirrel
Prevost’s Squirrel

The Prevost’s squirrel can be found in the old logged forests of Southeast Asia. Baby Prevost’s are altricial and only weigh 16 grams (0.6 ounces). Unlike other squirrel species, Prevost’s have been known to spend time in groups munching on fig trees. It’s believed they help the local ecosystem by eating the fruit of a tree, then scattering the leftover seeds, away from the parent tree, making the seeds less likely to be eaten. Peak breeding season for the Prevost’s squirrel is between June and August. Gestation of up to four little ones lasts for about 40 days, where they begin life in hollow tree nests.

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