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Tips For Helping Animals To Survive The Winter

Without a doubt, you meet many stray animals on your way to work, college or school. Try to protect those animals from severe cold during the winter. The first thing you should do is to feed them every day, because regular and substantial nourishment is crucially important. Satisfactory nourishment helps the body of a little tomtit bear even a severe frost. Many dogs and cats aren’t resistant enough to a biting cold. They have practically no chances to survive. Use your skillful hands and imagination to build a small warm box for a stray animal to live in. Ask your friends to help you construct the box. This shelter will protect your favorite animal from wind, rain and snow.

Using social media is a great opportunity to find good people who will support your charity plans and purposes. Let all people know about what’s happening to stray animals. Invite your friends to join animal charity groups.


Take a stray animal into your home – Are you ready to take a direct responsibility for the life of at least one stray animal this winter? This miracle will quickly get used to your house and become a new family member. If you’re afraid of all possible consequences, you can take the animal and go to the local animal shelter. The veterinarian will quickly examine the ‘patient’ and give you all necessary instructions. This step is extremely important, because your safety is the main priority. If you don’t want an animal become a part of your family, then try to give it shelter and provide an opportunity to spend the cold winter months in your warm house.

Birds are those little animals that also need our help. It’s not so difficult to feed birds in your garden, on your balcony or even at your window sill. Don’t forget about warm water for them. They can’t say “Thank you” and they may not show any signs of love. But they will definitely appreciate you and you will see them every day.

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