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Unique Animals Whose Home Is Costa Rica

Don’t miss out on this exclusive reader holiday from chosen operator Heatherlea. Costa Rica is home to some astonishing wildlife and you’ll visit a unique range of habitats with guide Paco Madrigal. A guest on last year’s reader trip commented: “Words cannot convey how impressed I was with Paco’s knowledge.” The trip first visits Tortuguero National Park on the Caribbean coast.

An extract from the trip report for 2015 says: “Here we are afforded fantastic views of bare-throated tiger-heron, yellow-crowned night-heron, a calm anhinga, and a very obliging little blue heron. We enjoy superb views of a large female giant curassow, and round up all three of the nation’s monkey species in less than an hour. A three-toed sloth is a key target for many, and we see one in a tree. It is clear from the green algae on its back that this animal does not move much. It doesn’t budge in our time with it.”

An encounter with the red-eyed tree frog is truly unforgettable
An encounter with the red-eyed tree frog is truly unforgettable

Another stop is the highland cloud forest, home to the resplendent quetzal, one of 327 bird species another guest recorded last year. Arenal Observatory Lodge is a wildlife hotspot, with breathtaking views of Arenal volcano. The 2015 report says: “A highlight is undoubtedly the northern tamandua. We find this ant-eater out in the open, and watch as it makes its way across a branch, then slides down the tree trunk.” Another 2015 guest sums up the experience of Costa Rica: “The wildlife was stunning, and non-stop – the guides made such an effort to make sure everyone saw everything. The accommodation was brilliant, and the standard of care and attention exceeded all expectations.”

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