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Cruise With A Capybara

Otherwise known as water pigs, capybaras have slightly webbed feet, are strong swimmers and feed on water plants and grasses. They can often be found wallowing in muddy pools in the Ibera Wetlands they inhabit, as their dry skin needs to be submerged to stay healthy. Water also has another benefit for capybaras, as they use it to escape danger and can even hold their breath for up to five minutes.

Ibera Wetlands

As capybaras spend so much time submerged, it is no surprise that the best way to see these loveable rodents is from the water. Boats, or lanchas, allow you to gently glide through the wetlands and experience the diverse wildlife the area has to offer, and there are a number of ranches and lodges in the reserve for overnight stays. The nearest airport is Posadas Airport, which is four-to-six hours away, so a few days are needed to explore this wildlife-rich region, which also boasts exotic birds, marsh deer, caimans and many colourful butterflies.

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