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Indian Giant Squirrel: Some Squirrels Are Bigger Than Others

Giant squirrels are primarily found in the moist tropical forests littered across northern India, spending most of their time taking shelter in the trees. They use their powerful legs to spring up to six metres (19.7 feet) between trees, and have expanded inner paws for extra grip. Adults can tip the scales in excess pf two kilograms (4.4 pounds) and can measure upwards of 40 centimetres (15,7 inches).

Indian Giant Squirrel
Indian Giant Squirrel

The giant Indian squirrel is mostly active during the day, gorging on anything from fruit to bird eggs. They are very agile and wary of the threat of predators, and try to keep away from big cats and snakes by remaining hidden in vegetation. Like many other squirrel species, deforestation is having a catastrophic effect on their natural habitats.

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