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15 of the Most Venomous Creatures on Earth

Photo from Shutterstock

Can you believe a snake has enough venom to kill several adults at once or that touching a small frog can take your life? Some of these creatures are beautiful as well as dangerous. Click the NEXT button to take a look at 15 of the most venomous creatures on Earth.

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42 thoughts on “15 of the Most Venomous Creatures on Earth”

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  1. So glad I live in the USA where we don’t usually come in contact with Rattlers, and none of the things listed on this site.
    Rattle snakes really don’t want to bite if they can help it, because their venom is how they kill their dinner. They don’t want to waste it if they can help it. They will bite if they are surprised, or feel threatened, but they warn people to stay away by their rattling. I have walked very close to them in my life and they did not even try to bite me. I wasn’t close enough for them to think I was dangerous to them. Their biting is a defensive act, not so much an aggression toward people. That said, stay away from them if you can. Lol! They will give you lots of warning!

  2. Forgot about the iricondji jelly fish ,gaboon viper, wondering spider, black mamba, green mamba, pit viper, just to name the most deadliest venomous.

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