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The Fascinating Figures Behind These Big-hearted Beasts

Depending on the species, rhinos can live up to around 50 years in the wild.
50% – Percentage of male black rhinos that die as a result of fighting with rivals.
Once the largest land animal, the rhino has been around for over 50 million years.
48-55hph – A rhino’s top speed will depend largely on its size, stature and agility.
3M – Length of the smallest species, the Sumatran rhino, from hoof to shoulder.
16 month – The average length of a rhino’s pregnancy, one of nature’s longest.
77 years – In 2014, rhino poacher Mandla Chauke received one of the longest prison sentences for his crimes.
$60,000 – The average value per kilogram of a single rhino horn according to 2014 figures.
There are just five species of rhinos in the world: white, black, greater one-horned, Sumatran and Javan.

The Sumatran rhino
The Sumatran rhino

Known as odd toed ungulates, the rhino has three toes on each foot. Similar ungulates include zebras.
4,843 – Number of rhinos poached in the last six years. Numbers have almost quadrupoled since 2010.
The length of one of the longest recorded rhino horns ever found measured 36cm (14in) and belonged to a rhino from the Bagori range of Kaziranga National Park.
12 cm – The length a rhino’s horn can grow in a single year. If the horn is removed, it can grow back to nearly full size in three years.
A white rhino can weigh up to 3,500 kg (7,716lb) as an adult. By comparison, Sumatran rhinos weigh up to 960kg.
70% – Percentage of the world’s rhinos that can be found in South Africa.
200 – The amount of plant species a rhino eats. They also eat fruit.

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