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15 Photos of the Rarest Birds in Existence

Birds are some of the most incredible creatures out there. These fascinating vertebrates are some of the only animals that can fly. Not all birds can fly, though; some, like penguins and ostriches, can’t fly.

According to National Geographic, “Everything about the anatomy of a bird reflects its ability to fly. The wings, for example, are shaped to create lift. The leading edge is thicker than the back edge, and they are covered in feathers that narrow to a point. Airplane wings are modeled after bird wings.”

All birds are fascinating, but some are more unique than others. Read on to see some of these incredibly rare birds!

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7 thoughts on “15 Photos of the Rarest Birds in Existence”

  1. Hi. I just want to say thanks for all the beautiful photos that you post. I especially liked the Christmas Frigatebird and the Kakapo. They are both adorable. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for sharing – we would never have seen these special birds if you had not. Keep up the good work!!!

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