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In case you did not know this before, these beautiful pets are surprisingly social and intelligent and the rumors about them are not actually true. “Since cats hunt alone, they are mistakenly described as universally solitary, but many cats do enjoy the company of humans,” says Mikel Delgado. 

Just like so many other animals, cats require less maintenance than dogs, because you don’t have to spend much time walking or regular baths. Cats are not that playful all day long, but this depends on the breed. There are cat breeds that are exactly like dogs, with the same personality and behavior characteristics. 

Nevertheless, cats need space too and they love to feel safe. However, in this case, they need human playtime and interaction all the time, but you can also adopt two cats so they can play together. You can give them toys to play or catnip which is also great for cats. “It’s no secret that most cats – about 60%, carry the ‘catnip gene’ – so purchasing a toy that has catnip inside will keep them playing and rolling around,” Delgado says.

There are some studies that have shown the benefits of having a cat to people and they show that people feel much happier when they have cats as pets. For example, some people love to hear the purrs because a purr from a cat really makes others feel warm and happy. Some people say that the cat purrs mean they love the owners and they feel safe and comfortable around them. 

One of the best parts about having a cat as a pet is that they do not necessarily need the training to use the litter box, but dogs need special training to ask for a walk to do its needs. You can have your “me time” whenever you want because they are independent animals that don’t need your attention constantly and they can stay alone and enjoy their own company. 

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