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  1. I just can’t believe what people find funny these days! That poor kitty that kept falling in the water must have been SO freaked!

    1. I agree, this video of cats falling into water WASN’T funny! It was disgusting listening to the people videotaping this, laughing in the background. And even more Disgusting hearing a child laughing with the adult there condoning this as “funny”. Great Parenting!!!! Not only should they Not have pets, but probably Not have children either!!!!

  2. Some of these are not funny as the animal has a difficult time getting out of the water due to the slippery surfaces …… these people should NOT have any pets …. and…. I wish they would do that with them = with these people, if you can call them “people” … more like morons …. the worst creature on this earth is a human being …..
    So sad …..

    1. Why should it need “moderation?” There are no “swear words”, no obnoxious language ….
      Aren’t there a lot worse things happening right now

  3. marilyn galbraith

    It’s pitiful !! Were they going to let that creature drown, or die of fright? Sure was funny!!!!!! I felt horrible for the innocent little kitten. I wonder how they treat small children??

  4. I wish the people filming this kitty would throw that little rug rat of theirs in the tub and see how funny that little s**t would be, scared s**tless. now that would be funny. I would be laughing my ass off!!!

  5. I wish the jerks filming this kitty would that little ” rug rat ” of theirs in the tub and see how funny that little puke would be scared he would choke on his laughter. Now that would be funny and I would be laughing my ass off!!!

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