15 Moments Pets Were Hilariously Caught In The Act

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10 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers instinctively love to swim. They’re always up for a game of fetch in the lake.

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Can Pets Be Vegetarians?

Pet health depends on good nutrition. For dogs and cats, that usually means limited (or no) people food, and specially balanced commercial...

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How To Introduce Your Pet To The New Baby’s Presence

Start Training When Pets Are Young Ideally, puppies and kittens should have supervised exposure to children, as this interaction will help...

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How To Help Your Fat Cat Lose Weight

Overweight cats may seem like cuddly lap-warmers, but their excess fat makes them more likely to develop a host of serious health problems,...

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Amazing Reactions To Telling Someone Not To Have A Pup

Back in 2007, one Imgur user told her sister NOT to get a puppy when she had a baby

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You Should Follow These Items When Choosing Your Dog’s Food

Ask your dog – Your dog’s opinion is important in choosing a dog food, but it’s not the only consideration. Dogs evolved as...

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Discover How Intelligent Your Dog Is

The first test is simple. At a time when you would not normally take your dog for a walk, grab your keys, leash or whatever you normally...

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British Shorthair cat, playing with toothbrush

How To Clean Your Cat’s Teeth

Dental care for your cat can be a good experience, especially when it is started when they are young. The best time to begin dental care is...

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Are Dogs Struggling With Infertility Just Like Us?

A female-looking dog may be discovered to have vestigial testes upon ultrasound! These animals are nearly always infertile, even if the...

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