Why Do Parrots Bob Their Head?

Each of our pets has its unique ways of showing his needs or emotions. Sometimes, they can be really obvious (if your dog barks next to the...

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Do Cats Really Feel When You’re Sick?

If you’ve ever been a pet owner, you already know how amazing our pets really are: protective, caring and loyal. Travelling back to...

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How Do Dogs Know They Have To Protect Babies?

It’s already a well known fact that both dogs and cats can sort of feel pregnancies – and we’re definitely happy to see...

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19 Priceless Cat Fails Captured At The Right Time

Not the ideal island holiday for a fluffy kitten..

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This Is Why You Should Never Ever Give Your Dog Chocolate

We all love our pets and feel the need to spoil them from time to time. Although we treat ourselves with chocolate, special fruits and...

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Why Do Cats And Dogs Really Hate Each Other?

Dogs and cats have been hating each other for as long as we can remember. It seems so natural, that we don’t even wonder why they do...

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20 Of The Funniest Dog Tweets Ever Created

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This New Tech Can Show Your Pet’s Emotional State – Is It Safe?

Right now, we all know that technology can offer us data regarding pretty much everything: our heart rate, health level, weight and even...

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22 Pets And Their Hilarious Reaction To Selfies

I really hope that trying to take this selfie was worth it..

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15 Dads Who Totally Didn’t Want A Dog.. At First

Looks like sometimes even the most manly men end up falling for their children’s pups…

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