This fish can grow up to 9 inches in length. As their name suggests, they have large eyes and down turned mouth, the Big Eyed Squirrel fish appears to be constantly frowning. Their colouration is bright red.

Big Eyed Squirrel fish generally exist in three different sizes: small size 2 to 3 inches; the medium 4 to 5 inches; the large 6 to 7 inches. Their preferred habitats are dim places to hide and swim.

Big Eyed Squirrel fish are carnivores and their diet consists mainly of shrimp and sand-dwelling worms, although they may act peacefully towards other fish. Big Eyed Squirrel fish enjoy warm waters and are distributed mainly in Hawaii.

Big Eyed Squirrel fish are hardy fish and can exist solitary although they prefer to swim around in schools of their own kind.

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