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1. They Sleep In Your Room 

As Kenny Lamberti, acting vice president of companion animals at the HSUS, says, dogs like to sleep in a place they feel comfortable. If they choose to sleep in your bedroom, it seems that they enjoy being there and they are cozy.

2. They Steal Your Shoes

Even though it might be annoying when your pup steals your shoes or another object of yours, they might do it just because they like you very much. According to several experts, this behavior might indicate that they want something that belongs to you in order to comfort them when you’re not there.

…And what better connection than stealing and playing with something that smells just like you? 

3. They Follow Your Lead

Several studies have discovered that pups that have a strong bond with their owners behave just like little kids when they are with their parents. When dogs feel attached to their humans, they might copy their behavior.

For example, they look to their owners when they’re not sure about something, and they are more likely to explore new places with their owners, rather than going alone or with someone they don’t know.

Another thing they do is copy your emotions. For instance, if you’re anxious, your dog might be anxious as well. Or if you’re happy, your pup might get in a good mood too. Some experts say that this might not be a sign of trust, but it surely means comfort and familiarity.

4. They Learn Your Routine 

Trust manifests differently in humans and pets. If you need a lot of time to get to trust somebody, things can be different when it comes to your pup. Pets need to have a routine, in order to feel happy and relaxed.

One of the best things you can do to build a healthy and flourishing relationship with your pup is to make these routines as enjoyable as possible. If you feed them every day at 7 am or take them for a walk in the park once you get home from work, they get used to these and expect them at the designated times.

Once you set a routine for them, they will remember everything and they will be ready when the time is right. Besides that, they will also put all their trust and confidence that you’re going to respect your arrangements.

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