Over 50% of People Would Break Up With Their Partner for Their Pet

That’s why, according to a new report released by Rover.com, 53 percent of pet parents would consider ending a relationship if their partner didn’t like dogs or was severely allergic.

Of course, if someone doesn’t like dogs, that’s on them. But if someone is allergic, that could put a couple in a hard place.

On the other hand, the study found that 24 percent of millennials would continue a relationship or friendship with someone just because they like the other person’s dog.

The report further found that there are multiple ways dogs comes first in a pet owner’s life. Nearly 47 percent of people cuddle their dogs more than their partner, while one in three say they plan their entire weekend around spending time with their dog.

And when it comes to Valentine’s Day, 47 percent of pet parents have planned a celebration for their dog, whether it’s buying them a new outfit or baking a special treat.

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