Cockatiels do not live as long as larger parrot breeds. Their lifespans can vary greatly and depend upon their care, attention, diet and exercise. Pet Cockatiels can live an average of 10 to 25 years.

Cockatiels will get depressed if left alone too much. A depressed cockatiel will show their depression by pulling out their feathers, banging their head against the cage, becoming angry or refusing to eat.

If you enjoy cockatiels but need to be away for long periods in the day, then it would be a good idea to get two cockatiels to keep each other company while you are away.

Females are more aggressive than males and are the ones more prone to biting and hissing. Males are very egotistical and will love to look in the mirror whereas females lose interest after a short period of time.

Since cockatiels are very social, their cages need to be placed in a room of the house that gets the most interaction. Keeping them in the kitchen is not a good idea, nor is it for any bird as some cooking fumes are toxic to them.

Teflon is a major toxic contributor, cooking with these pans emits fumes that are harmful to birds. Also, do not place your cockatiel’s cage in a darkened corner as the dark can scare them.

Cockatiels like to explore the ground. Place toys or a food dish near the bottom of the cage so they can explore the bottom of the cage and not sit on their perch all day with nothing to do.

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