Male Dromedary camels have a soft palate, which they inflate to produce a deep pink sack called a ‘doula’ in Arabic. It hangs out of the sides of their mouth to attract females during the mating season. Dromedary Camels are desert animals and have have numerous adaptations for life in an arid habitat.

They have webbed feet (to prevent sinking in the sand). They can close their nostrils and they have a double row of eyelashes to keep out the sand. Dromedary Camels can endure long periods without drinking – up to 17 days. When they do drink, they can take up to 136 litres (30 gallons) at a time. By producing dry faeces and little urine, they can conserve water. Their body temperature can rise 6 – 8 degree Celsius before sweating.

Camels are herbivores and eat any kind of vegetation they can find including grasses, leaves and plants.

Gestation for the female Dromedary camel lasts around 12 months. Usually a single calf is born and nursed for up to 18 months. Females are sexually mature after 3 to 4 years, males after 5 to 6 years. Life span in captivity is typically about 25 – 30 years, with some animals reaching the age of 60.

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