Their need to pee takes priority over your need to pee

Maybe before having a puppy, the first thing you did was mosey into your bathroom, plop down on the toilet, and take a leisurely whiz. Once you have a puppy, that morning routine is a thing of the past. The first creature that gets bathroom privileges is your puppy, and they will make sure of that, whether it is outside in your backyard or inside on your new rug.


The snooze button is a thing of the past

Prior to having a puppy, it was easy to hit the snooze once (or twice) and takes a few extra luxurious minutes in between dream and awake states before the reality of the day hit you. Puppies have really good hearing, almost supernatural, and can sense the moment you open your eyelids. That is the signal to start jumping around in the crate and begging to be let out, right?


A morning walk is actually a fabulous way to start the day

To non-puppy owners, the idea of taking a twenty minute walk around the block to make sure your pup has eliminated EVERYTHING may seem like a burden. While it can definitely be a lifestyle shift at first, it quickly becomes a great part of your morning routine. Knocking out a little bit of cardio AND housebreaking your pup at the same time? It’s a win-win.


Sometimes your pup likes to help you pick out your wardrobe

Namely, what shoes you should wear and what shoes should exit your wardrobe and become their new chew toys instead. Some days, you give in and let them chew up the old sneaker. Other days, it is worth trading them your shoe for a toy and positively reinforcing the desired behavior of NOT chewing up your expensive pumps.


Even if you’re not a morning person, you will soon become one

Puppies make people smile. It’s a fact. Puppy parents know that even if they are being dragged out of bed at 4:45 in the morning, it will secretly be worth it just to see that adorable face, so full of energy and excitement at the crack of dawn. Morning Puppy Syndrome is contagious, and before puppy parents know it, they are morning people, too.

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